All Piercings are carried out using a needle (no piercing guns), and using high quality, sterilised titanium jewellery. 

We have a very simple pricing structure, to make the process as easy as possible. We also offer discounts for multiple piercings on the same visit. 

Please note, minimum age limits apply, contact for details.

Standard Piercings £20

(Standard Piercings - Ear (excluding Industrial), Lip, Nostril, Septum, Eyebrow, Belly Button)

Nipple Piercings £25

Bridge/Surface/Tongue Piercings £30

(Bridge, Surface, Tongue)

Premium Piercings/Micro Dermals £30

(Premium Piercings - Micro Dermal, Industrial, Snake Bites (double lip), Venomous (double tongue), Vertical Lip)

Jewellery Upgrade from £5

(Upgrade from standard high quality titanium jewellery to premium selection, with various tops available)

We also offer a discount of £10 off of your second piercing* on the same visit.

*Excluding Industrial and nipple piercings

Click on the contact page to book your appointment!  

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